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EXPANDAG Soundless Cracking Agent_rock cracking chemical powder Chinese factory
EXPANDAG Soundless Cracking Agent_rock cracking chemical powder Chinese factory
EXPANDAG Soundless Cracking Agent_rock cracking chemical powder Chinese factory

EXPANDAG Soundless Cracking Agent_rock cracking chemical powder Chinese factory





Application:It can be widely used in mining, rock breaking&cutting, granite and marble quarrying,concrete demolition & removal and so on
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EXPANDAG Soundless Cracking Agen powder is an expansive mortar chemical that cracks rocks and concrete. It is a concrete cutting, granite breaking and general demolition solution. This Soundless Cracking Agen is easy to use, cost effective and a safer option for silently breaking up hard materials like rock or concrete. Simply drill, mix and pour.

non explosive demolition chemical offers a superior alternative to traditional methods of concrete and rock breaking. Unlike explosive blasting, jackhammering, concrete saws, and stone cutters, non explosive demolition agent operates silently and without risk. This makes it an ideal choice for sites with noise restrictions, vibration concerns, safety hazards, confined spaces, or environmental pollution worries.



Product Introduction


High efficiency silent crusher/ HSCA(is a kind of powdery high efficiency safe crushing material, used for the safe demolition of concrete buildings and mining and cutting marble, granite. After 3~8 hours, the mixed slurry can be broken or cut without vibration, dry sound, flying stone or harmful gas. This product has been widely used and sold abroad for many years.


Used for the removal of reinforced concrete structures, and various rocks, such as marble, granite, jade mining and cutting,improve the yield of 2~3 times.

Usage and precautions:

1.The appropriate effective silent crushing dosage form should be selected according to the construction environment temperature,and shall not be interused at will. When used to break reinforced concrete, part       of the peripheral steel should be cut off first.

2.HSCA stirring: pour water with a weight ratio of 28~35% (1:3) into the container, then add, and stir with mechanical or rubber gloved hands into a liquid and uniform slurry. Under 5℃ construction can use 40℃       or so water mix.

3.HSCA filling: filling hole must be removed before fill in the hole, can not have water and sundry packing operation can use directly or use the grout pressure pumping into the hole to fill holes must be compact,     without clogging orifice horizontal or inclined article should be used in thick cement shape to rub into the into the hole and tamping mixing the slurry must be within 10 minutes after filling in a hole, otherwise,     the liquidity and the crushing effect to reduce grouting to the front of the crack occurred, the builder must wear protective glasses and hole should not be subject to look, in case of a one thousand shotcrete.

4.HSCA curing: spring, summer and autumn do not need curing. In winter to cover such as straw mat insulation.


Place of Origin

Guang Xi, China

Other Names

Highly effective silent crushing agent




Rock demolition agent

Brand Name


Model Number

industrial grade

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Four frequently-used types are available on basis of temperature.

Note: Can provide all kinds of temperature range according to client’s request.
Type      Temperature

HSCA-1    25-35℃

HSCA-2    10-25℃

HSCA-3     5-15℃

HSCA-4     -5-5℃

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