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Non Explosive Demolition Agent suppliers HSCA-3   5-15 degree
Non Explosive Demolition Agent suppliers HSCA-3   5-15 degree
Non Explosive Demolition Agent suppliers HSCA-3   5-15 degree

Non Explosive Demolition Agent suppliers HSCA-3 5-15 degree





Application:It can be widely used in mining, rock breaking&cutting, granite and marble quarrying,concrete demolition & removal and so on
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The Non-Explosive Demolition Agent is specifically designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of mining operations. Compared to traditional explosive demolition methods, this product utilizes an advanced chemical formula that can quickly and safely decompose hard rocks such as marble and granite without producing sparks, shockwaves, or high temperatures. This unique working principle makes the Non-Explosive Demolition Agent an ideal choice for the mining industry, providing mining enterprises with safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly mining solutions. By using this product, mining enterprises can significantly reduce operational risks and improve mining efficiency.

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  Product features:

Safe and non explosive risk: The Non Explosive Demolition Agent eliminates the risk of explosion by not producing sparks during the reaction process, ensuring the safety of mining operations.

Efficient mining: By rapidly decomposing the target rock through chemical reactions, efficient mining can be achieved, greatly shortening the construction period and improving mining efficiency.

Environmentally friendly and pollution-free: This product adopts an environmentally friendly formula and will not produce harmful substances during use. It is environmentally friendly and in line with the concept of green mining.

Strong applicability: not only suitable for the mining of common rocks such as marble and granite, but also for various other types of rocks and ores.

  Usage scenario description:

Marble mining: Non Exploratory Demolition Agent can accurately control the mining depth and range, ensuring the integrity and aesthetics of the marble blocks.

Granite ore body decomposition: For hard granite ore bodies, this product can quickly decompose the rock structure and reduce mining difficulty.

Underground mine expansion: Safely remove support structures or widen channels without generating sparks and shock waves.


When using the Non Explorative Demolition Agent for blasting operations, please follow the following steps:

Preparation stage: Firstly, ensure the safety of the work area, remove obstacles, and wear personal protective equipment. Check if therock drill is in good condition, including whether its drill bit, drill rod, etc. are intact. Select appropriate specifications and formulas for Non Exploratory Demolition Agent based on rock type and mining requirements.

First, use a rock drill to drill holes: Use a rock drill to drill holes on the target rock. Pay attention to controlling the speed and angle to ensure that the position and depth of the holes meet the mining requirements.

Mixing and application: Mix Non Exploratory Demolition Agent with water in a specified proportion evenly. Then pour in the drilled hole.

Waiting for reaction: Let Non Explorative Demolition Agent react naturally in the rock. The reaction time may vary depending on the hardness and formula of the rock. Please be patient and do not perform any other operations or interfere with the reaction process.

Rock decomposition and cleaning: Once the Non Exploratory Demolition Agent fractures, the rock will gradually decompose. Use appropriate tools and equipment to clean and transport the decomposed rock blocks. Attention, please handle the decomposed rock with caution and pay attention to safety.

Safe Closing: After completing mining operations, ensure the safety of the work area, clean up the site, and properly dispose of any remaining Non Exploratory Demolition Agents and waste. Follow environmental regulations to ensure no pollution to the environment.


1. No licenses or permit required

2. 2 year shelf life

3. For a wide range of temperature

4. Use in safe, no noise, vibration, or fly rock,no Toxic Fumes,no dust

5. Easy to use, no need of train.

6. MSDS available

7. Economy

8. Safty for Vicinity

  TYPES of non explosive demolition agent:

HSCA-1    25-35℃

HSCA-2    10-25℃

HSCA-3     5-15℃

HSCA-4     -5-5℃


Container and Storage EXPANDAG Stone Cracking Powder is packed in 4 anti-moisture bags of 5 kg (11 lb.) each and then placed in a water proofed carton with a total weight of 20 kg (44 lb.).

1. Although  is packed in anti-moisture paper bags, long storage may cause deterioration of its working ingredients. Therefore, store in a dry place and use it as soon as possible.

2. When storing, do not place the bags of  directly on floor, put them on a pallet and keep in a dry warehouse etc. , stored in this manner, can be effectively used for about 1 year.

3.  should be unpacked before use.

4. When storing the portion of  remaining after use, push the air out of the bag, then seal with gum tape and use as soon as possible. However, as it may get exposed to moisture there is a risk of  EXPANDAG Stone Cracking Powder losing its effectiveness once the bag has been opened.

5. If you receive broken bags of , they may not work due to chance of moisture absorption.


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