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How to use Expansive Mortar for precise control blasting?

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How to use Expansive Mortar for precise control blasting? Expansive mortar can serve as a precise tool for controlling blasting in specific engineering applications.  The volume expansion generated by chemical reactions can exert controllable pressure on local areas without damaging the main structure, thereby achieving specific blasting or crushing effects.  The following is a technical guide and case analysis on how to use Expansive Mortar for precise control blasting.

1、 Selection of Expansive Mortar

Firstly, it is necessary to select an appropriate expansion mortar based on the specific needs of the project and the temperature at that time.  Different expansion mortars have different expansion rates and reaction rates, and need to be selected according to actual application scenarios.

2、 Grouting operation

Drilling: Drill holes in locations that require blasting or fragmentation, and the diameter and depth of the drill holes need to be determined based on the size of the stone.  You can consult our after-sales personnel.

Grouting: Inject Expansive Mortar into the borehole.


3、 Expansion control

Time control: The expansion time of expansive mortar depends on its chemical properties and the temperature at that time, and needs to be estimated based on the characteristics of the mortar before construction.  To achieve precise blasting.

Emergency measures: If the expansion pressure exceeds expectations or abnormal situations occur, emergency measures need to be taken immediately, such as stopping grouting to ensure safety.

4、 Case analysis

Case 1: Rock fragmentation

In a mining project, it is necessary to crush hard rocks.  The traditional blasting method will have a significant impact on the surrounding environment, so we choose to use Expansive Mortar for controlled blasting.  Firstly, drill holes on the surface of the rock, and then inject Expansive Mortar into the holes.  After a period of waiting, the expansive mortar generates tremendous pressure inside the rock, causing it to gradually break.  By precisely controlling the grouting speed and expansion time, precise rock fragmentation has been successfully achieved with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

Case 2: Demolition of concrete structures

In a certain old building demolition project, it is necessary to demolish some concrete structures.  Due to its complex structure, traditional demolition methods can cause damage to surrounding structures.  Therefore, expansive mortar is used for controlled blasting.  Drill holes on the concrete structure that needs to be demolished and inject expansive mortar.  Expansive mortar generates expansion force inside concrete, causing it to gradually crack and fall off.  By precisely controlling the grouting position and expansion time, precise dismantling of the concrete structure was successfully achieved without causing damage to the surrounding structures.

5、 Subsequent processing

Cleaning: After the expansion of the Expansive Mortar is completed, it is necessary to clean the residue around the grouting pipe and drilling hole.

Inspection: Inspect the structure after blasting or crushing to ensure the expected results are achieved, and investigate and deal with potential safety hazards.

7、 Precautions

Safe operation: When using Expansive Mortar for precise control blasting, it is necessary to ensure that operators have corresponding safety knowledge and skills, and strictly follow safety operating procedures.

Quality control: Strictly control the quality of expansive mortar to ensure that it meets engineering requirements and relevant standards.

By combining technical guidelines with case studies, we can gain a deeper understanding of how to use Expansive Mortar for precise control blasting, providing safer and more efficient solutions for engineering.


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