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What Is Stone Cracking Powder and How Does It Work?

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What Is Stone Cracking Powder and How Does It Work? Stone Cracking Powder , also known as silent crushing agent, static crushing agent, expansive mortar, etc., is a non explosive, high-efficiency powder expansion material mainly used for cutting and crushing rocks and concrete structures.   Its main characteristics include high security, efficiency, and controllability.

The working principle of Stone Cracking Powder is: first, mix an appropriate amount of cold water with the Stone Cracking Powder and stir to form a slurry. Then, pour the slurry into the boreholes of concrete and rock. Next, through hydration reaction, the crystal is deformed and over time, a huge expansion pressure (radial compressive stress and circumferential tensile stress) is generated, which is applied to the pore wall.

It is worth noting that the expansion pressure of the Stone Cracking Powder is directly proportional to the reaction time, that is, the longer the time, the greater the expansion pressure. The time required for an object to crack is inversely proportional to the ambient temperature, meaning that the higher the temperature, the shorter the time required. Due to the fact that broken rocks or concrete are generally brittle materials, their tensile strength is much lower than compressive strength. Therefore, reasonable drilling design (such as hole distribution, aperture, hole depth, and hole spacing) can easily break hard rocks and reinforced concrete.

Usually, after a reaction time of 2-24 hours, a silent expanding agent can break or cut objects in a state without vibration, noise, flying stones, or harmful gases. This makes Stone Cracking Powders a safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly crushing and cutting tool, widely used in fields such as construction and mining.


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