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2024 Why do mines prefer to use Expansive Mortar in mining

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  Expansive Mortar, also known as stone cracking powder, why do mining companies prefer to use Expansive Mortars? Below, I will explain that in the field of mining, Expansive Mortars are gradually replacing traditional blasting methods and becoming the preferred choice for many mining enterprises. Behind this lies the significant advantages of Expansive Mortars in safety, efficiency, environmental protection, and economic benefits.

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1、 Excellent safety performance

  The biggest selling point of Expansive Mortars lies in their "five no" characteristics during the operation process: no noise, no vibration, no flying stones, no dust, and no harmful gases. This not only significantly reduces the safety risks of mining personnel and equipment, but also makes mining operations safer and more reliable. Compared to traditional blasting methods, it greatly reduces the safety risks to mining personnel and equipment, making mining operations safer and more reliable.

2、 High crushing efficiency and low damage rate

  Expansive Mortars have high crushing efficiency and low damage rate, which means that more ore can be obtained within the same operating time. Meanwhile, due to its low damage rate, it can also reduce resource waste during the mining process and improve the yield of mining materials.

3、 Outstanding environmental performance

  Today, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the environmental performance of Expansive Mortars has also received much attention. It does not produce pollution such as noise, vibration, and flying stones during use, and has little impact on the surrounding environment, meeting the high requirements of modern industry for environmental protection.

4、 Significant economic benefits

  Although the initial investment cost of Expansive Mortars may be slightly higher than some traditional methods, considering their high efficiency and low loss during long-term use, their overall operating costs are often lower. In addition, by reducing safety accidents and personnel injuries, it also saves potential safety accident costs for enterprises.

5、 Widely applicable

  Expansive Mortars are not only suitable for the mining of metal mines and coal mines, but also widely used in the mining of other rock mines, such as granite, marble, etc. At the same time, it can also be used for excavation of tunnels and channels, rock fragmentation in subway and other underground construction.

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  Expansive Mortars have been widely favored in the mining industry in 2024 due to their excellent safety performance, efficient crushing efficiency, outstanding environmental performance, and significant economic benefits. With the continuous advancement of technology and the increasing demand for mining, it is believed that Expansive Mortars will play a more important role in future mining.


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