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What are the methods of mining new marble types?

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Stone mining has fully entered the era of mechanization. In recent years, China's marble mining equipment has made significant progress, with further improvement in equipment performance and a more complete range of types. New equipment, new technologies, and new processes are constantly emerging. Only by timely and comprehensively understanding these new equipment and processes, and combining them with the actual situation of the mine, can stone mining enterprises correctly choose suitable mining processes and equipment, meet the needs of mechanized stone mining, and improve their production capacity and economic benefits.

Since 2005, marble mines have gradually entered the stage of mechanized mining, and many traditional mining techniques have been phased out with the popularization of mechanized equipment. At present, the types of marble mining equipment produced in China are quite complete and almost applicable to various marble mining processes. The following is a brief introduction to several new types of marble mining equipment and process methods:

1. Hydraulic splitting machine: As a new choice for stone mining, its efficient and environmentally friendly characteristics have received widespread attention in the industry. Compared with traditional blasting methods, hydraulic fracturing machines require shallower drilling and larger hole spacing, significantly improving work efficiency and reducing rock drilling workload. It can not only replace blasting and dense drilling methods, but also improve mining productivity, quality of waste materials, and reduce mining costs.

Hydraulic splitting machine is suitable for stone mines with good splitting performance and well-developed cracks. It can be used in combination with rock drilling rigs and groove cutting tools to further optimize mining efficiency. This new mining method not only reduces environmental pollution but also ensures operational safety, bringing greater economic benefits to enterprises.

2. Vehicle mounted hydraulic splitting machine: With a relatively large volume and heavy weight, the splitting force of a single machine can reach 150t, and it can be assembled with up to 12 splitting devices. It takes 4 minutes to complete the decomposition cycle of a piece of raw material, which is 8-10 times more efficient than traditional splitting devices. The vehicle mounted hydraulic splitting machine is mainly used for the decomposition of granite and stone mining waste materials.

3. Hydraulic column splitting rod, also known as column splitting machine, is an innovative tool in stone mining and granite trench engineering. This device has a splitting hole diameter φ The characteristics of 90mm and depth ≥ 900mm enable efficient splitting operations on medium hard rocks. In practical applications, 6 cylindrical splitting rods can pre split 6 to 10 cubic meters of rock within 1 minute, which significantly improves the productivity of stone mining with high efficiency. Compared with traditional expansion agents and explosives, hydraulic column splitting rods are safer, more environmentally friendly, and can effectively reduce mining costs. In addition, hydraulic fracturing rods have also shown excellent performance in granite trench engineering. Especially in operations that require splitting the bottom sealing surface of rectangular key stones, hydraulic splitting rods can accurately and efficiently complete the task, providing strong support for the smooth progress of the project.

4. Stone Cracking Powder is a new type of non explosive rock breaking material that generates expansion force through chemical reactions to achieve the effect of breaking rocks. When in use, pour the Stone Cracking Powder into the pre drilled hole, and after a period of chemical reaction, the Stone Cracking Powder will generate great expansion pressure, causing cracks in the rock or concrete structure. The Stone Cracking Powder is easy to use, safe and noise free, and does not produce flying stones or vibrations, making it suitable for mining scenarios that require precise operations. Stone Cracking Powder is suitable for marble mining and slope trimming construction, especially in environmentally sensitive areas or areas where blasting is prohibited. Using Stone Cracking Powder to mine marble not only ensures the safety of the mining process, but also improves mining efficiency and reduces costs.


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