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Expansive Mortar and rock drill: The best partner for demolition and mining

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What is a expansive mortar?

EXPANSIVE MORTAR is a material composed of calcium oxide (quicklime) and additives, which reacts chemically with water to generate tremendous expansion force and silently break rocks or concrete.

Drilling and chiseling equipment

During the use of expansive mortar, drill bits, drill rods, and rock drills play a crucial role. Use these devices to drill holes in rocks or concrete to ensure accurate hole positions, depth, and diameter that meet the requirements of expansive mortar. Then, mix the expansive mortar with water and pour it into the hole, wait for the material to gradually expand, apply pressure, and crack the rock or concrete.

Building demolition

In the field of building demolition, the combination technology of rock drills and expansive mortar has significantly improved efficiency and safety. A construction company manager said, "When we demolish old buildings, we use a combination of rock drills and expansive mortar to accurately control the demolition process, avoiding the risks and noise brought by traditional blasting."

Mining sector

The combination of expansive mortar and drilling techniques has also shown great potential in mining and quarries. By using a rock drill to drill holes and ensuring the effective filling position of expansive mortar, mining engineers can more accurately control the ore mining process and reduce damage to the ore body. A mining engineer said, "This combination technology not only improves mining efficiency, but also significantly reduces environmental risks."

A New Path for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development

The combination of expansive mortar and drilling equipment not only improves work efficiency, but also reduces the impact on the environment. There is no explosion or vibration, reducing noise pollution and safety hazards. This technology is particularly popular in urban centers and other environmentally sensitive areas, and is expected to be more widely applied globally in the future.

case study

In a demolition project of an old building in the center of a certain city, the construction team used a rock drill to drill holes and then injected expansive mortar, successfully completing the demolition work of the building without explosion. The entire process is not only efficient, but also protects the surrounding environment and buildings, receiving unanimous praise from local residents and the government.


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