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Expansive Mortar OEM customized

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We specialize in providing high quality Expansive Mortar OEM customized  services designed to meet the unique project needs of our customers. Whether it is special temperature requirements or individual packaging design, we can tailor it for you to ensure that the product fully meets your specifications and standards.

Non Explosive Demolition Agent OEM customized


We understand the sensitivity of different projects to temperature, so we offer flexible temperature customization options to ensure that the Stone Cracking Powder works best in a variety of environments.

HSCA-1    25-35℃

HSCA-2    10-25℃

HSCA-3     5-15℃

HSCA-4     -5-5℃


In order to provide a consistent brand image, we offer a comprehensive carton customization service

1.Size adjustment: According to product specifications and transportation needs, provide a variety of carton sizes customized.

2.Design customization: You can print your company logo and product information on the carton to enhance brand recognition.


1.Requirements Communication: Contact our customer service team to explain your project requirements and specifications in detail.

2.Solution development: Our technical experts will develop a personalized product solution according to your needs

3.Quality control: Throughout the production process, we implement strict quality control to ensure that each batch of products meets the highest standards.

4.Packaging and distribution: After the production is completed, we will pack the products according to your packaging requirements and arrange safe and reliable distribution services.

We look forward to working with you to create Expansive Mortar products that meet your needs. Please contact us in the following ways:

- Tel: 0086 18978406522

- WhatsApp: 0086 18978406522

- Email: [email protected]

- Website:


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