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The difference and application between Stone Cracking Powder and expanded cement

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In the field of construction engineering,both Stone Cracking Powder and expansive cement are important expanding chemical cracking agents, playing crucial roles in their respective fields. However, there are significant differences between these two in terms of properties, applications, and functions.

1.Material properties

Silent expanding agent, also known as silent breaking agent or rock expanding agent, is a non explosive and efficient powder expanding chemical cracking agent. It can break rocks without sound, vibration, flying stones, dust, or harmful gases.

Expansive cement is a special type of cement that undergoes volume expansion during the hardening process. This expansion is achieved by adding an appropriate amount of expansion agent to the cement clinker, usually with an expansion rate of 2% to 3%. The expansion properties of expansive cement enable it to fill micro cracks and capillary pores in concrete, improving its compactness and impermeability.

2.Application field

Stone Cracking Powder are mainly used for the demolition of concrete in cities, factories, and bridges. The mining of precious stones such as marble and jade in mines requires the use of Stone Cracking Powder,

Expansive cement is more commonly used in construction projects. It is mainly used in waterproofing engineering, bridges, tunnels and other structural engineering to solve the problem of cracks caused by concrete shrinkage, ensuring the stability and safety of the structure. In addition, expanded cement can also be used to produce special concrete such as self stressing concrete and compensating shrinkage concrete, to meet the needs of specific engineering projects.

3.Functional characteristics

The main function of silent expansion agent is to not produce vibration, noise, flying stones, dust, and toxic gases when crushing objects. It is a pollution-free and environmentally friendly product and is not a flammable or explosive substance. Safe and reliable transportation and storage, convenient to use. The crushing effect is stable and can generally cause the crushed material to break within 8 hours

Large expansion force: can reach a maximum of 120 megapascals (1200kg/cm2).

Short reaction time: The maximum expansion force can occur within 15 minutes. The reaction time can also be adjusted between 15 minutes and 12 hours.

If you need to break, break; if you need to keep, keep. It is easy to control the shape of the broken body after it is broken.

Simple construction and easy operation: After mixing with clean water, pour it into the borehole and poke it tightly. No need for detonators or explosives, no need for firing, no need for professional trades. The training time for operators is very short.


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