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Overview and application technology of Expansive Mortar Powder

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Expansive Mortar Powder, also known as Stone Cracking Powderor static Non Explosive Demolition Agent, is a powder like static crushing material.    It is widely used in the safe demolition of reinforced concrete structures, especially in situations where traditional explosives are not suitable for blasting, due to its characteristics of no vibration, no flying stones, no toxic gas, and no pollution.    In addition, silent blasting agents can improve the yield of stone materials, effectively protect resources and enhance economic benefits, especially suitable for the mining and cutting of precious stones such as granite, marble, and jade.

The demolition of urban buildings, factory facilities, and bridges, as well as the mining of marble, jade, and other stone materials in mines, are all application scenarios of silent blasting agents.    However, some small manufacturers in the market have problems with long production cycles, cracking time, and unstable effects, which have hindered construction progress.    To address these issues, TOPKING has developed a new type of Expansive Mortar Powder EXPNADAG, which can quickly and quantitatively crush stone and concrete at different seasons and temperatures.

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Product features and specifications

-After mixing with water, Expansive Mortar Powder undergo a chemical reaction, causing volume expansion and forming an expansion pressure of 30-180 megapascals, thereby breaking the object.

-The effectiveness of the product is affected by the temperature of the construction environment, so it is divided into summer type (Type I), spring and autumn type (Type II), and winter type (Type III).

-The products are divided into fast and slow types, and the cracking time is influenced by various factors such as temperature and object hardness.

-We can produce special models of products according to customer needs, achieving precise and timed cracking.


1. Pre punching: Design the aperture, spacing, and depth of the hole according to the material and crushing requirements of the object, ensuring that the object has a free surface to facilitate cracking.

2. Mixing and filling: Mix the static cracking agent and water in proportion to form a thin paste, quickly pour it into the hole, and be careful not to exceed 10 minutes to avoid affecting the cracking time.

Safety precautions

-Operators must wear protective goggles and avoid looking directly at the orifice to prevent gunshot injuries.

-If improper operation causes spray to splash into the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

-Silent blasting agents have mild corrosive effects on the skin, and it is recommended to wear latex gloves for operation.

-The product should be stored against moisture and has a shelf life of 3 years.

Packaging and storage

-The product is packaged in boxes or woven bags, making it easy to purchase, use, and transport.


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