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Taper drill rod H25mm*159mm
Taper drill rod H25mm*159mm
Taper drill rod H25mm*159mm

Taper drill rod H25mm*159mm

Shank size: HEX25*108
Length: 400,800,1600,1800,2400,3200mm etc.
Taper Degree: 7°, 11°, 12°.
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Tapered Drill Rod is an efficient tool designed for rock drilling, widely used in mining, quarry, tunnel, and subgrade construction. This drill pipe is usually used in conjunction with a cone drill bit to adapt to different hardness of rock layers and drilling depth requirements.

Our tapered drill pipe is made of high-strength alloy steel, ensuring excellent performance and durability in harsh drilling environments. The drill pipe design includes a hexagonal chuck section, which provides additional leverage for the rotating chuck bushing, making the drilling process more stable and efficient. In addition, the forged shaft ring design at the end of the drill pipe ensures accurate positioning in the drill machine, while the tapered bit end is better adapted to the needs of rock drilling.

With our tapered drill pipe, you'll get a reliable, efficient, and durable drilling solution that will help you increase efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure successful project completion.

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Suitable for small hole range

Widely used in Dimensional Stone Quarrying Industry

Widely used in Underground Mining Industry

Rock Tapered Drill Rod

Tapered Drill Rod size

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