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6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Expansive Mortar

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Expansive Mortar as an efficient crushing and cutting material, play an important role in construction, mining, and demolition engineering. If not used correctly, it may lead to a series of safety hazards. The following are six common errors to avoid when using Expansive Mortar:

1.Neglecting the importance of pore size and depth: 

The effect of  Expansive Mortar is closely related to their expansion space within the pores. If the aperture is too small or the depth of the hole is too shallow, the expanding agent may not be able to fully expand, resulting in poor crushing effect. Therefore, before using Expansive Mortar, it is necessary to choose the appropriate pore size and depth according to the product manual or professional guidance.

2.Incomplete cleaning inside the hole: 

After drilling, there may be residual water, debris, and other debris in the hole. These miscellaneous items will occupy the space of the silent expansion agent, affecting its expansion effect. Therefore, before using Expansive Mortar, it is essential to ensure that the holes are clean and that debris is thoroughly removed.

3.Incorrect mixing ratio: 

The mixing ratio of silent expansion agent and water is crucial. If the mixing ratio is improper, it may affect the expansion effect and cracking time of the expansion agent. Too little water may cause the expansion agent to not fully expand, while too much water may dilute the expansion agent and reduce its effectiveness. Therefore, it is essential to follow the product manual or professional guidance for mixing.

4.Excessive stirring at once:

 The silent expansion agent will start to heat up and expand after stirring. If too much expansion agent is stirred at once, it may cause clumping and rapid heating, thereby increasing the risk of spray holes. Therefore, it is recommended to mix an appropriate amount of expansion agent each time and use it within the specified time.

5.Inappropriate construction time: 

The effect of Expansive Mortar is affected by environmental temperature. If the on-site temperature is too high, it may cause the expansion agent to heat up too quickly, increasing the risk of spray holes. Therefore, when choosing a construction time, it is important to avoid high temperature periods, such as noon. At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure good ventilation at the construction site to reduce temperature.

6.Neglecting safety precautions:

 Expansive Mortar can generate heat and steam after reacting with water, which may lead to spray holes. To protect personnel safety, it is essential to wear protective goggles and gloves during operation. In addition, warning areas should be set up to prevent non operators from approaching the construction site.

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