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Techniques and Advantages of Expansive Mortar Cracking Powder

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  Expansive mortar cracking powder, also known as cracking powder or expansive agent, is a common and effective material used in the construction and mining industries to control and manage the demolition and fracturing of hard materials such as rocks and concrete. In this article, we will explore the working principle, application techniques, and advantages of expansive mortar cracking powder.

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What is Expansive Mortar Cracking Powder?

  The expansive mortar cracking powder is a specialized chemical formulation that undergoes a chemical reaction to release gas, generating pressure for the purpose of breaking and demolishing tough materials. Typically available in powdered form, it is dissolved in water to activate its action.

Working Principle:

  When water is added to expansive mortar cracking powder, its chemical components initiate a reaction that results in the release of a significant amount of gas. This gas generates high pressure within the material, ultimately causing the expansion of tiny cracks and leading to fragmentation and disintegration.

Application Techniques:

1.Appropriate Soaking Time: The duration of soaking may vary depending on the material type. Prior to utilizing expansive mortar cracking powder, it is imperative to acquire a comprehensive understanding and conduct thorough experimentation with regards to the appropriate soaking times.

2.Accurate Hole Layout: Prior to drilling, thoroughly analyze the target material and design an appropriate hole layout. Correct hole layout can maximize the effectiveness of expansive mortar cracking powder.

3.Safety Precautions:  When utilizing expansive mortar cracking powder, it is imperative to strictly adhere to safety protocols, which encompass the utilization of appropriate protective equipment, al , and ensuring the security of the surrounding environment.

1.Non-Explosive: Compared to traditional blasting methods, expansive mortar cracking powder is a safer and more environmentally friendly option, avoiding issues such as noise, vibration, and dust.

2.Precise Control: Using expansive mortar cracking powder allows for more precise control over the fracturing and demolition process, reducing the impact on the surrounding environment and structures.

3.Wide Applicability: Expansive mortar cracking powder is suitable for various types of rocks and concrete materials, offering a broad range of applications.



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